Offering comprehensive Lease consulting services for Commercial Retail and Office Landlords and Tenants. With over seven years of experience in the industry, I have inside knowledge of common business practices and can help protect your interests whether it be from the Landlord or Tenant prospective.
Past work experience includes negotiation and drafting of Lease documentation with National and International Commercial Retailers including but not limited to major, Pharmacies, Entertainment Complexes, Beauty Salons, Financial Institutions, Full Service and Fast Food Restaurants with through knowledge of the intricacies associated with the various requirements for each particular type of Tenancy. Comprehensive external audits of Landlord’s Billings on behalf of National Tenants and Sub-Tenants to ensure the details of the Lease documents are being honoured by the Landlord’s billing systems.
All too often human error is the cause for a major miscalculation that could save a Tenant or earn a Landlord thousands of dollars a year.

Leases are a specialized industry, and although the contract itself is based on the principles of contract law, a lawyer, a paralegal and a law clerk are all able to offer the same types of services with respect to Lease negotiations, review and audits.

Email for a quote today based on premises square footage!


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